Service Address

Utilise our Service Address and keep your home number safe from public record

UK agencies chiefs, LLP individuals, company secretaries, and individuals with critical control, are legitimately expected to offer a service address for the public record. The basic role is for accepting their own legal mail and authoritative records from true UK government agencies, including Company House and HMRC(HM Revenue and Custom).

The vast majority of our companies development clients like to keep their street number subtleties classified, picking rather to utilise our Administration Address. This incorporates the free sending of all legal help address mail to our clients, by output and email, consistently.

How it Works

1. Select the “Buy Now” button.
2.  You will get a request, a satisfied email and a receipt.
3.  You will refresh your company records with our location at Company House.
4. We will scan and email your legal mail straightforwardly to you for nothing, around the same time we get it.

Please note:

1.  This item qualifies one company official to utilise the location for virtual service address. Assuming you require the assistance of more than one official, just buy the item for every individual.
2.  You can't buy this item only once to use for multiple companies. Assuming an official wishes to involve the assistance for an arrangement in a different company ,it should be bought for use in each company.
To apply for your service address Call us directly 0800 058 4858.

At the point when you are forming your company

Assuming you are setting up another registered company, you have to pick a company development package that incorporates our Service Address. If it's not too much trouble, see our business address products which can be purchased online. Packages that incorporate this assistance are: Protection, Consistence, Comprehensive, and Non- Residents.

Import your existing ltd company

In the event that you wish to purchase a help address for your current company, you can make a record and import the company to our administrator region. You can then buy a professional address and we will inform Company House for the changes.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I apply for a Service Address?

For applying for a service address you have to submit your application form, then one of our customer team members will contact you and also you can directly call us at 0800 058 4858.So, if you want to register your office with our service address - we will be pleased to help you.

Can I use this service address for my registered office address?

No,you cannot use our service address for your personal use. This service address is usable for only our company officer for the government mail only.

Can I renew this service address?

Yes, you can renew our service address on the basis of 12 months.

What's about broad business mail sending?

The help address must be utilised to get official government mail for company officials for professional service address. On the off chance that you might want to utilise our London WC2 address as your place of work and have all your business mail and correspondence sent to you.

What is unsupported mail?

Occasionally our Mail Group might need to convey an email to a client regarding the matter of Unsupported Mail. This is sent when we get mail that is beyond the client's service offering, for example we get general business mail and the client has just bought an enrolled office address administration, which covers official government mail as it were.

Is there an expense to have my service address mail messaged to me?

No, The sending of true government mail by scan and email is free.