Compliance Packages

Unlock Success key to excellence business with our comprehensive package

What it is contained:
1.Ready To Trade Limited
New limited companies will often be fully approved and able to conduct business in 3 to 6 working hours.
2. Digital Company Documents (PDF)
A complete set of corporate documents, such as the certificate of incorporation, the memorandum and articles of association, the share certificates, etc., provided to you through email.
3. Digital Company Register With First Entries
A digital replica of the statutory registers for your business, with the initial entries made on the date of incorporation.
4.Free Business Bank Account (Optional)
Online applications for up to 8 different business bank accounts, including those from Barclays, NatWest, Mettle, Tide, Monzo, Cashplus, and ANNA.
5. Free .com or Domain Name
a website domain name for a year to help your new company build an online presence.
6. Free phone support for the duration of your business
Before, during, and after the company incorporation process, we are accessible to answer any inquiries via phone, email, or live webchat.

Frequently Asked Questions

What services does the London Registered Office offer?

Registered office in Covent Garden, London that offers free email and scan forwarding for any official correspondence.

How can I access the Online Client Portal?

Utilise our free Online Client Portal to manage and update your businesses while saving money on professional fees.

What specific documents are included in this package?

Documents of the highest quality, including share certificates, memorandum and articles of incorporation, are provided to you by mail.

What type Packages are offer for your business?

This priceless packages offers your business all the instructions and templates.It needs to rapidly become completely GDPR compliant.

Can you help me register my business for VAT?

If you need or want to have your business registered for VAT, we will process the application on your behalf.

Do I have to present ID proof?

We, along with other business formation agencies, are required by law to verify identity and address.Rest assured that you won't need to take any action because 90% of our customers pass our digital ID checks.

What makes the Compliance Package the best option?

This bundle has been created to give those who worry about staying in compliance with Companies House and HMRC peace of mind.We will produce and submit your first confirmation statement in addition to registering your limited company for VAT with HMRC.Additionally, we offer our GDPR Compliance Package, which will help you make your business GDPR compliant swiftly and affordably.

Do you include address services in this package?

Yes. Your home address won't appear on public records thanks to the London Registered Office and Service Address included in this package.

When will my business be prepared for trading?

Your new limited by shares company will be able to conduct business as soon as Companies House approves your application. The typical processing period is between 3 and 6 hours after submission, although occasionally Companies House needs a little more time.Remember to register your firm for Corporation Tax if you want to begin trading right immediately. Within three months of starting to trade, this must be done online with HMRC.

Is there need of any business bank account for my company?

Legally No, but for highly recommended that you have a separate business bank account for your company. This can help you keep track of your business finances more easily and accurately, and also make it easier to manage taxes and other financial obligations. Some compliance packages may also require that you have a separate business bank account in order to meet regulatory requirements. Overall, having a separate business bank account can be an important step in building a strong foundation for your company's financial success.

How many individuals are needed to form a limited company?

Need only one individual, you are able to establish, control, and own a limited business.

Please Note : 1.)Within 24 hours of incorporation, hard copies of company paperwork are sent by post for free within the UK. For delivery outside of the UK, Royal Mail postage prices are increased by +15%
2.)Using this package, a corporation will receive Ordinary shares. Call our customer service team at 0800 058 4858 if you want to set up a company with more than one class of shares; we will be pleased to help.
3.) Only businesses with directors and shareholders who reside in the UK are eligible for business bank accounts. This offer is not valid for businesses with foreign shareholders or directors. During the ordering procedure, international customers will have the opportunity to add a Wise (formerly TransferWise) bank account that is suitable for non-UK residents.