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Providing an excellent corporate image, with business mail forwarding

If you would like to use one of our addresses to receive your company's general business correspondence, then why not take advantage of our business address service. We will provide you with a prestigious London or Glasgow business address, enhancing your corporate image and creating an excellent business presence.

With this service, you may use our address as the general business contact address for your company and we will forward your business mail to you on the same day we receive it.

Here are some other important points :

1.  The expense of sending letters to you is excluded. Mail sending is charged at Imperial Mail postal rates in addition to 15%.
2.  This help does not include office address administration, which should be bought independently.
3.  All broad business mail will be taken care of by us and sent to your UK or abroad location.
4.  The acquisition of this help qualifies you for utilising our location for one company as it were.

How it Works :

1.  Select the “Buy Now” button.
2. You will get a request, a satisfied email and a receipt.
3. You ought to refresh your street number on your organisation writing material, site, and so forth, utilising our location.
4. We will advance your overall business correspondence to you straight by Regal Mail, around the same time we get it.

At the point when you are forming your company

Assuming that you are setting up another virtual company, you ought to pick an organisation development bundle that incorporates our Work location virtual address. Packages that incorporate this assistance are: Comprehensive, and Non-Occupants.

Create an account for your company

Do you really want a street number for your current company? You can purchase any of our location administrations by making a record on this site and bringing in your company details.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is it that I really want to do subsequent to booking my business address?

Subsequent to booking your street number utilising this site, the cycle moves rapidly. The treatment of your approaching business mail can normally just start once the pertinent structure is marked, lawfully approving our group to do as such. We likewise need to ensure that every single legitimate prerequisite are completely consented to and that you have been recognized as an authoritative accomplice lawfully and straightforwardly. To stay away from superfluous deferrals, you will naturally be given the significant data and archives following finishing your booking.

Do I need to get my mail for myself or can I have it forwarded?

Either is, obviously, conceivable. Everything approaching mail is arranged nearby at the Club and put away until you can get it.Then again, we are glad to advance your mail to you. You can pick between everyday, week by week and month to month sending, whichever is generally helpful. You can enter your decision as you finish up your booking demand through our internet booking framework and you can transform it whenever.

What is a Business Address?

A business address is the authority area of your business that should be given to Company House while setting up in the UK.

What is a virtual work location?

A virtual work location is one that you can get to and oversee on the web.

Could I at any point gather my letters from you?

No, for the security of our clients' all's mail we don't permit you to gather post from our arranging office. You can anyway get to it online or we can forward to you through mails.